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 Welcome to Meeting Place Equine! 

Meeting Place Equine is an intersection of thoughtful and compassionate equine professionals gathered together to make horse-life and horse lives better. We offer insightful, affordable, online classes to save horses from pain and owners' heartache. The creator of Meeting Place Equine, Becky Howell, also offers HOLISTIC riding simulation sessions on Tiny Tina, a custom designed riding simulator. Also available:  experiential clinics and retreats geared to engage, teach, entertain, and heal.

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One Day Workshops

Introductory price $145

Ride Simulator, Lecture & Lab

Holistic Approach

8-20 participants

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Many different styles available, including: Introduction to Holistic Horsemanship, Focus & Balance, Goals & Improvement,  and more

Two Day Clinics

Introductory price $245

Ride Simulator, Lecture & Lab, Mounted

Holistic Approach

8-20 participants

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Many different styles available, including: Explore 1 & Find 2, Uncover & Heal, Introduction to Horse Assessment, Bones are Truthtellers

Three Day Clinic

Introductory price $345

Ride Simulator, Lecture & Lab, Mounted

INCLUDING Tablework for riders and addressing the horse's physicality. 

Holistic Approach

6-10 participants

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Many different styles available, including: Explore 1 & Find 2, Uncover & Heal, Introduction to Horse Assessment & Next Steps,  Bones are Truthtellers, Horse to Table, and more

Three Day Retreats

Introductory price $1100 half days

or  $2100 for full day.

Ride Simulator, Lectures, Labs

Healing sessions / Holistic Approach

Private or semi-private

Completely customized

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Many many different ways to design retreats, including: Self Discovery, Comforting Seat, Helping & Healing, Through the Eyes of a Horse, What Does Love Got to Do With It, and so many more

Workshops, Clinics, and Retreats

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Single Session
Ride Simulator

Introductory price $115

Ride Simulator, Lecture & Lab


Holistic Approach

Check-in and Questions 2 days post

3 Session Ride
Simulator Package

Introductory price $315

Ride Simulator, Lecture & Lab, Video Study

Holistic Approach


Ride Simulator:  Tiny Tina

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Who is behind Meeting Place Equine?

Becky Howell, Wellness Therapist for Humans and Horses, photographer, author, retreat facilitator, orginator of the Holistic Approach to Riding, the Comforting Seat, and Tiny Tina - a ride simulator that has the freedom to move in all plains of action.
Our capable and generous, Guest Instructors:
Brooke Powell
Kitty Jackson
Ida Hammer
Wendee Walker
Agi Yother
Rebecca Hunsted 

What makes Meeting Place Equine different?

  • The best conventional information AND the new stuff coming down the trail:)

  • EXPERIENTIAL and SOMATIC SENSORY sessions / clinics / retreats  that jumpstart progress

  • A safe way to work through new rider, nervous rider, or blocked rider woes

  • A way to understand mild to moderate autism / ADHD and find ways to be successful by relating to horse wisdom

  • Applying healing and wellness therapies to the horse-life experience

  • Guest instructors willing to share behind-the-scenes information

  • Teaching horsemanship with a true M-B-S-E approach, which is the minimum required to be considered holistic

  • Including older riders rather than minimizing this population

  • Keeping COMPASSION and ETHICS central to all we do with the Horse and Humans

  • Riding Simulator, Tiny Tina!

  • and more exciting things coming!


And who knows where this will go! But we can promise:  1) There will be a standard of behavior maintained. 2) All earnest questions will be answered.

3) You aren't in this alone. 4) We are glad to have you.  5) We believe that there is room in the horse world for everyone that loves horses and wants to do better.

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In-Person Schedule for 2024


March 12th: Private Laser Sessions for Anxious Riders, room for 1 more. $150

March 16th: Spring into the Saddle One Day Workshop - to register please use our Query Form


June 14/15: Mounted Clinic  at Breezy Bluff Riding Acedemy

June 17-21: Adult Ride Camp: daily private sessions


Open for private sessions/ retreats: please use our Query Form


Private retreats: Full.


September 21/22: Unmounted Clinic  - to register please use our Query Form


Open for private sessions/ retreats: please use our Query Form

October 5/6: Two Day Clinic in Michigan ny Lansing

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From barn fire prevention, to eye health, finding a good boarding barn, PPE for hooves, grooming, the basics of collection from the ground, herbal info, Beginnings of Collection, Equine Sculpture, and more.... big and little topics that make a difference.

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Interested in the on-site offerings or want to host a clinic or retreat?
Please fill out the Query Form and one of us will get back to you!


"I had a private session with Becky and Brooke on the riding simulator. It was a great experience. I learned how my riding position effects my balance. Then learned how to fix some of these areas to improve my balance. I got tips for pre riding stretching and how to deal with the "what if" thoughts before riding. Overall learning to control myself  better so I can ride better. The simulator showed me how I ride and Becky and brooke talked me through how to fix some issues and improve my seat! I got to feel what I should be doing with my body when I ride and what happens when I tense up! Very positive experience and worth it! I feel like this session has boosted my confidence more and helped my understanding of body movement in the saddle. Can't wait to test out all the things I learned and see a difference in my riding this season! What you said about not worrying about all the what ifs since she only ever bolts has helped! I feel like I'm not overwhelmed with worry now! And since I kind of know what would make her bolt even that worry is less. Never really considered i was worrying about stuff she has never done until you mentioned it!" Jessica H. Illinois

"I learned a lot from my lesson on Tiny Tina! Showed me how much I was affecting my horse and vice versa while riding. I like how you both adjusted and corrected my posture and I can really feel the difference. I love the way Becky and Brooke explain things it just makes perfect sense to me.  You guys rock!" Sam W. Illinois

"To be honest, it took me a couple days of processing once I was home to even feel like I could talk about everything that happened at your lovely farm. It was overwhelming in so many positive ways. Sharing with folks brings me right back to the aisle in your barn, breathing, and releasing. As I rode each day this past weekend, I reminded myself to breathe, expanding my ribcage, and focusing on my shoulder. 

My afternoon with you and Brooke (and Tiny Tina) was truly a life changing experience for me.  Thank you for doing what you do, and for reaching out to me. I am excited to have you in my mentoring circle and looking forward to future adventures!" Kristine, Michigan

"I had a very nice ride this evening... I figured out the walk, best collected and free walk ever! We struggled with that a lot. The canter I probably did too much, but I sort of fluttered my femurs with the motion and stopped the motion for the transition. I can't wait to come back!" Christina, Northern Illinois


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