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Becky's Offerings

Need an equine book to showcase your expertise?
Need your experience and knowledge recorded so its not lost?​

I have a proven track record for co-writing or guiding along the birth of a book. I've heard everything from 'do it all, its overwhelming!' to 'can you just do this one part?' I might even be able to do photography or headshots for you:) Need an educational course to go with it? That's a possibility too.

Through the Eyes of a Horse: an equine-led discovery session and healing program​

Equine-led Experiences, previously under FreelyWalk. 

Becky uses her own herd, or can work with your horses instead, to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

Horses are uniquely placed to help humans go deep and find the solutions to life problems that have you stumped.

The theme of this program is to find self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, self-advocacy. Without understanding WHO you are, you don't have a basis to love yourself, hold yourself accountable in a healthy way, or how to uplevel your life.

An equine experience can be a private, semi-private, small group session.

It can also be a multi-day retreat with other healing modalities incorporated.

Prices are very dependent on a multitude of factors.

Next online program starts January 2025 

$3600 for the 12month program, including individual phone / Skype / Zoom sessions, in-person equine-led sessions.

Retreat format and price TBD

Send Becky an email with the specific retreat you have in mind or other queries to: 

Reimagine - Rest - Replenish Program

Online program with INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS and HEALING RETREAT. Only do one, or do both.

Allowing holistic wellness, deep healing, and our curiosity lead the dance of uncovering AND realizing our big goals.

We touch on Parts work, Compassionate Inquiry, Body De/coding, Indigenous therapies, emotional somatic work, Nature Therapy, equine-led sessions, energy work, Spirit led discovery, and so much more!

Online Program is $910

Hawaiian Healing Retreat $2300 March 14-17 CLOSED

Do both: $2800 CLOSED

Lodging, catering, airport shuttle, two healing modalities included, Ceremony, and half day at the Ocean. We will be on the Big Island and being hosted by the Mahalo Aina Healing Space. If you are interested, you need to SIGN UP NOW, reservations close January 6th, 2023

Send Becky an email with the specific retreat you have in mind or other queries to: 

Bodywork Sessions

I do still offer horse sessions (and human:) on an available-basis. Please message me if you'd like to get your horse booked, or yourself.

Becky & Brooke's Combo Workshop Series

Meet Your Body: Unmounted and Meet Your Body: Mounted

Ever wanted to try a clinic where you can have YOU worked on immediately? Becky brings her table. Brooke brings her horsemanship skills. Talk about instant change! If your 'horse' is having difficulty with a movement, I promise so are you. Dependent on a variety of factors, it is possible that your horse could receive bodywork as well. Get in touch for options. Also includes our TINY TINA, our custom-built ride simulator! $425 per rider for the two days. OR, NEW ONE-DAY FORMAT $250, MUST HAVE 5 RIDERS

We go over position, rider cross training and exercises, proprioception, SPECIFIC work for your SPECIFIC body, training with compassion, energy thoughts and theories, communication, and SO MUCH MORE! Better, we even tailor it to each group. Horseless options available as well!

If you would like to host, please email us at to setup a time to talk it through!

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