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Creators, Owners, Instructors... Also porta potty cleaners, and pooh pickers :)

Hello! My name is Becky Howell, I am an educator, therapist for over 20yrs, author, speaker, regenerative farmer, photographer, and wellness professional that has been on a deep dive with horses the last fifteen years. Saddled with the inability to learn 'just enough,' each horse has led me into galaxies of exploration, research, meeting the best professionals out there, and developing my own solutions. Saddle fit, biomechanics, herbal support, bodywork, communication, in-hand work, nutrition, hoofcare, consent-based training with boundaries, building out a facility focused on 'peace' have all had their place on this journey. These, and understanding how autism can allow an accurate translation of the horse experience (culminating in my 'Through the Eyes of a Horse' Program), have inspired me to collaborate with another horse professional to create Meeting Place Equine!

One of my truths is that any obstacle, when viewed from the right angle, can be an opportunity. Each struggle my horses faced, led me to try harder and push harder against the conventional way of doing things. I am so happy and excited that Brooke and I are bringing a combined 40yrs of professional work to offer to those new to horses, or those of you that are newly-inspired! 

Its hard to get a sense of someone in words, so we each put together a little picture montage for your amusement:)

Brooke Powell feels lucky to have grown up riding and training under an FEI level dressage and Arabian trainer in Southern Illinois, as well as working at a state park riding facility, learning the trail and rail side of the equine industry. In college, Brooke was a founding member of the Illinois State University Equestrian Club and Team as well as the Upper Training rider on Illinois State University's only Intercollegiate Dressage Team. After college, rather than being burnt out on horses, she continued with her deep immersion in 'all things horse' by teaching, working, and consulting at a boarding and training facility in Central Illinois for over a decade. While there, she built a successful multi-discipline show team as well as a ground-up lesson program. 


Brooke then created her own business, Independently Equine, and spent the next few years learning different styles of farm management as well as building a skillset for remote and travel training.  During this time, she also added national level dressage scribing and open show judging to her resume, and was able to train under multiple USDF gold medalists. Not content with this, Brooke has been learning trimming under Ida Hammer, natural horsecare from Becky, attends every seminar and workshop related to horses she can get to, all while supporting her students and clients with genuine empathy. 

Currently, Brooke offers a wide range of services including consulting on horse purchase, horse management, barn organization and farm management, teaching riding lessons, show coaching, multi-discipline training, professional scribing, and judging services. She is also the new Head Riding Instructor for a large lesson program by Champaign, Illinois. Her mission is to aid in the positive growth of relationships between horse and rider.  Brooke uses a compassionate approach to all types of learning and communication and specializes in finding the necessary accommodations needed for each horse and rider. She believes each horse and each rider should feel successful, happy with the relationship, and ready to continue along each step of the horsemanship journey. Brooke is absolutely stoked to take what she's learned thus far and share it in an accessible way to help others.

Ida Hammer, Illinois, Barefoot Trimmer and Educator, Whole Horse Hoofcare 

Ida Hammer is the creator and owner of MackinawDells 2 Whole Horse Hoof Care, founded in 2009. She has taught over two thousand people around the globe about hoof care and personally trimmed over 200,000 hooves, making her one of the most experienced trimmers and equine educators in the world. She has been a member and instructor for the AANHCP and the AHA, and is a current member and mentor for the PHCP.

 Ida's classes, available online and in-person, are based on her own vast experience and learning from other equine professionals such as Dr. Deb Taylor, Dr. Bowker, Pete Ramey, Ray Hunt, Jillian Kreinbring, Dr. Kerry Ridgeway, Deb Davies, and so many more. Ida believes to be a true student of the horse, you never stop learning and growing, and her educational material reflects that hunger to know.  

Ida has exercised horses on the track, enjoyed competitive trail rides, trained horses, loved mounted shooting, and has been blessed to have horses with her partner, Ada, for many years. When two of their heart horses were diagnosed as hopeless navicular cases in 1992 and again in 2004, Ida decided to dedicate her life to making the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them.

What could have been a senseless tragedy, instead birthed Mackinaw Dells 2 Whole Horse Hoof Care. There are now over 100 certified trimmers from Ida's program and that number is growing every year to serve more horses. The online classes and revolutionary educational tools have made it possible for people to learn to trim all over the world. Ida is also working on her new book that will be released March 2022. 

Ida currently trims 20-30 head a week to keep her hand in the game, and is now focusing on sharing information and teaching future trimmers, horse professionals, and fellow HoofNerds:) 

All for the love of the horse.

Ida's website with more information and in-person class information is:

Kitty Jackson, Michigan 
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